Friday, August 13, 2010

How did you find me?

You know, I can be a pretty vain person but I never really thought about the people who found my blog that weren't related to me and therefore obligated to read whatever falls out of my head.

Oh, I know I have my bloggy friends, I read their stories, they read mine, we're tight like that. I never though anyone else read my random spewings, until today.

I'm just learning about the analytics and all the neat stuff that tells you how many people view your blog on any given day. It's kind of fun, I get to see how many people read what I write, small numbers excite me! Anyway I found a report that will tell you what keywords people searched on the web that lead them to you. Wow, other people who are not related or bloggy friends search for me??! I was way excited, until I found out how they found me.

Some of the stuff was normal, and expected, Mary Chapin Carpenter was a big search that led people to me. Bubble bath was another one, those I would have expected. The following I'm still trying to figure out:

*yellowstone sexn----??? Is that even a word? And not once have I talked about Yellowstone and sex in the same sentence.

*scream queen-- again, WTH???

*smooth panties--- is this a new fetish I should read up on? And how did they find me, I don't even wear panties!

The one that didn't surprise me- sexymom- I'm sure that's my picture in the dictionary.

I'll just take my swelled head and go now, still amazed that people typed the word sexy and found me!


  1. You are so crazy! (In a totally good way!)

  2. HA! I really don't understand how this search stuff works. I always just assume that as soon as they arrive, they're off again.

    I had somebody come through this morning that was searching for Bon Jovi. ?? I don't even remember *mentioning* Bon Jovi in a post!


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