Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Calling in Lazy

So I took Monday off work. I went to the concert Sunday night and since I have to be to work at 6am and have like a gazillion PTO hours I thought I would take the day to relax.

Who was I kidding? I got up at 6 so I could get on the roof and fix the swamp cooler before it was too hot to get up there. So ten trips up and down the ladder later, the house is about 3 degrees cooler. Go me!

Then I mowed part of the back yard, only part because then the sun was high and bright and it was way too hot. So off to the basement.

You may recall that I fostered a large number of puppies and they lived in the basement. Fortunately I kept the concrete scrubbed so I didn't have to do that but I needed to put away and organize everything that had been removed from the puppy living area.

Then it was off to the garage. Yikes! Lots of stuff in there that needs to go to the local church thrift store, I just pile it in there until I have a car load. Lots of stuff in there that needs to go in the shed out back.

While loading the car I realize that it is almost too filthy inside to drive, must take it to the car wash to clean and vacuum it then as soon as I can find the little head for my carpet shampooer I need to clean the carpet.

Oh yeah, because I took all the stuff to the shed, as soon as the sun goes down I have to organize that damn thing.

Before going to drop off all the miscellaneous crap in my car I decide to look for the power head for the carpet shampooer. All the cleaners for the shampooer are under the sink so I think maybe it's there. Once I pull everything out from under the sink I'm more than I little embarrassed that I live here. I'm just glad no one is here to see it. I have to consolidate about fifty different bottles of cleaners because when I'm at the store I can't remember if it's windex I need or bathroom cleaner, so I buy one of each. Then I have to throw away about fifty more bottles of earth friendly cleaners that I bought to be eco conscious and none of them work, including the dishwasher gel. You are not saving the planet if you have to hand wash your dishes either before or after you run the dishwasher.

No power head. Dammit, must be in the hall closet.

In the hall closet I find lots of coats for the thrift store, half of which do not even belong to us. Lot's of games that Mo has not even opened, all of Clementine's coats and sweaters but no power head.

Now I'm on a mission, I'm going from room to room, trashing the house looking for this damn thing. It's nowhere to be found. It is not in my closet, Mo's closet, the linen closet, under any of the bathroom sinks. It is also not in my underwear drawer, don't ask.

As I gaze at the destruction left in my path, realizing that now I have to clean all this crap up, I get the bright idea of googling it and ordering another one.

Well guess what friends and neighbors? My carpet cleaner didn't come with a little power head, it has a little steam head. The little power head is on the damn vacuum.

I hope I don't get any more days off any time soon. I don't have the energy for it!


  1. See, I knew you were Sara's real mother! lol

  2. OHMYGOD! I'm exhausted just LISTENING to this post! Oh, I totally know that feeling...going from one thing to the next...then doubling back again. It's frustrating!

    Don't you hate it when you can picture the item in your mind...exactly where it's *supposed* to be??

  3. Doing all of this in the heat has absolutely exhausted me. Oh wait, it's not me doing all that. Carol, you need to go back to work in that air conditioned place!

  4. LOL, you ladies kill me. Bubbles- sorry you had to find out this way! Kathryn and Linda, all I can say is work is a cake walk compared to what I did Monday!

  5. I could totally see you blazing a trail through your house looking for that thing ... sounds familiar. And what the hell kind of a day off is that anyway??? I think the Bubble Bath Queen should have hit the tub with a glass of wine instead!

  6. I was laughing my ass off when I got to the part of 50 cleaners....Now I feel better that I am not alone in my world of forgetfulness! And what is up with allowing cleaners to be sold when they know they don't work! I to have thrown tons away for the exact same reasons! Love this post!


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