Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Red Butte Concert

I can't think of any place I would rather see a concert. Red Butte is just perfect. the mountains are in the background, it's a small venue, maybe 800-1000 people. It's absolutely wonderful.

This time we saw Mary Chapin Carpenter. She is awesome. We were supposed to go see her three years ago but she hurt her back so I've been looking forward to this concert for a long time.

It was so much fun. Joyce's little granddaughter danced her heart out! I took a ton of pictures but my camera phone is not the best so I can't show them to you.

It was a wonderful night spent with some of my favorite women. Thanks ladies for taking me with you!


  1. How fun a night that sounds like! Real live music is always such a treat. We saw Prince a couple of years ago and it was very stripped down music. No gimmicks, no lip synching, just a very talented musician and his voice and instruments.

  2. Wow. Sounds like a load of fun...good company, good music. Wish I'd been there!

  3. That really sounds like a great time ... good for you!


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