Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Angel Moroni

First to those of you who are not lucky enough to live in or around Utah, the Angel Moroni is the statue on the top of the LDS Temples. I am not LDS, but I do like to know stuff!

Recently S (still no blog name for him) and I went to Idaho Falls to the Air Show. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We took lots of pictures, drank some beer, got a little sunburned, ate great food and stayed in a nice hotel. Our hotel overlooked the Snake River. The last night we were there we went for a walk along the river. One the other side of the river is the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. When we first got there I thought the Angel Moroni on the top of the temple was HUGE!! I live in Salt Lake, I’m surrounded by LDS temples but I could not remember ever seeing the angel on top so large. When I commented to S that the Angel Moroni was huge, he said it’s because there are no other buildings close to it. I’m sure he wished he could make me shut up because every time we were near that temple I said the same thing:

“ That Angel Moroni is freaking huge!”

To which he slowly replied “That’s because there aren’t any other buildings around. “

Because I’m kind of nosy and have to know everything, I was not willing to take that for an answer, after all, this guy with the trumpet- HE WAS HUGE! When we got home and I went to work I started asking questions, most of the people I work with are LDS. Are all the Angel Moroni’s that same size? Are they normal man size or special because they are angels? Why does the Idaho Falls angel look so HUGE?

No one knew. I couldn’t believe it, and they call themselves Mormon. So I did what I do best, I googled it, so here is the information for those of you who must know the answer now that I’ve brought it up.

The Angel Moroni's are not all the same size. Who knew? And the reason the one in Idaho looks so huge- his spire is shorter than most. Poor thing. At least he's an angel, he's got that going for him.

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  1. Oh my God....I thought for sure that you'd discover that it looked so freakin' huge because there were no other buildings around it.

    Did you tell "S" of your findings? Did you have a twinkle in your eye when you did??


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