Sunday, July 25, 2010

You say Nevada, I say Nevauda

It’s all semantics baby! Sometimes people make fun of me because they don’t pronounce things correctly. It’s ok, I understand the need to point and laugh, I do it myself all the time, just usually when their backs are turned. This is not about proper pronunciation, I’ll still be your friend if you say things like Nevada and raydiator, this post is about what to call the people in our lives.

I think I mentioned a while ago that I met someone. I’ve been hesitant to mention him in my blog because I don’t know what to call him. Yes, I know his name, geez people, give me some credit. I mean what to call him in reference to me.

I always stumble on this part, hesitate a little when it is time to introduce him.

“ This is my boyfriend,***” which always makes me want to say – “ And right after school we are gonna go park behind the church and make out.” I haven’t come up with a blog name for him yet, that’s why the stars are there.

I don’t want to introduce him as my friend, I think we are past that now and I don’t want to imply that he means less to me than he does. Things like this are always bouncing in my head and I’ve discovered that this problem doesn’t really go away unless you get engaged. So here I am, over 40 and trying to figure out a way to introduce the man beside me.

“This is my Sweetie” well he may be, but is that how you introduce people to your boss?

“This is my lover” my Aunt Dorothy just dropped dead of a heart attack.

“This is my life partner” of course that one is for after you move in together but it makes you sound like a gay couple. Not that there is anything wrong with gay couples I’m just not part of one.

“This is my POSC” person of opposite sex cohabiting- sounds like they should have just gotten a dog.

I tried google, there really aren’t any synonyms for boyfriend so I guess until we come up with something better I’ll call him my boyfriend and hope we don’t get caught making out in the car.


  1. This just points out the deficiency of English with regard to naming relationships. Some people don't fit the set of words we use. Past a certain age boyfriend/girlfriend no longer works.

    I would ask him what would be a good term, one he would feel comfortable with and that you can feel comfortable using. If he is as creative and interesting as you seem to be, I suspect you can both find a word you can have a lot of fun with.

  2. Pimp is always good. Or Sugar Daddy. Or Stud. Or Kept Man. Or Gigalo. Or Probation Officer.

  3. Oh man, the choices you give me Linda! Michael, if I ask him I think he will be creative enought to make my mother blush so I'm thinking either pimp or stud.....

  4. I settled on 'Gentleman Caller.' I head the nay-sayers (translate to those rolling on the floor in hysterics) off with a case of the vapors.............

  5. I remember an episode of Sex and the City...and I thought Carrie sounded funny calling Aiden her boyfriend.

    I think we need a more sophisticated name. How about "paramour"? I guess "precious darling" is a bit much....

    Try a thesaurus!

  6. I usually refer to my boyfriend as "My Honey" or "My Man" - but no matter what you call him, just don't go to Salt Air to watch the sunset... you WILL get caught making out in a car. It's a bit embarrassing having to call the sheriff's department to come unlock the gates because you are trapped. They always have to ask "what were you doing?" - Like they don't know!

  7. Perhaps you could say, "I would like you to meet someone really cool..." Or is 'cool' out of date?

  8. Special friend? Friend with benefits? I'd be interested to hear how he thinks you should introduce him. How does he introduce you???


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