Friday, July 23, 2010

The people who read mail........

Probably knows something I don’t!

For whatever reason I seem to be missing the checking and reading mail gene.

First, I get so little mail. Everything is electronic, all my bills are happily delivered to my inbox, and when is the last time you received an actual letter in the mail? I only check the mail about every two weeks, that’s how Mo missed the appointment for her senior pictures. What were they thinking mailing the notices out just a week in advance?

My mailbox is not at the end of my driveway, no, our subdivision has what a friend of mine so colorfully called “ghetto mailboxes.” If you are not familiar it is like the mailboxes in an apartment building, only outside and all grouped together. This is only about 50 yards or so from my front door, I’m not lazy, just forgetful.

I really need to start checking and reading the mail. Once the mail is in the house I sort it- recycling or filing. Very rarely do I open my mail. The statement I get every month from the mortgage company gets filed, unopened, in a folder for next years taxes, the rest of it is garbage so into the recycling bin it goes.

This, apparently, can be a problem. I get a call from my mortgage company, one of those lovely automated things asking me to please call them. Thinking they are trying to sell me something, I ignore it, but I do mention it later to my boyfriend. He says “ Your payment hasn’t been made, that’s the only reason they call.”

I know this is not possible because I am super organized and my mortgage payment gets sent from my bank on the 28th of every month to make sure it is there on the 1st. I’m kind of anal like that. Obviously , someone has made a mistake, payment made, cleared my bank, this is their problem, not mine.

The next day I call my friendly little mortgage company, which I have to tell you, is not very friendly. First I spend a half an hour trying to convince their automated system that I really do want to talk to a live person. I’m dumbfounded when every time I say I want to speak with a representative the little automated lady says-

“ There is usually a wait, I’ll be able to help you much faster, please choose from the following options.”

We did this five or six times before the automated teller had enough of me, sighed loudly and said,

“ Fine lady, if you to make us pay someone in India to answer your call so you can whine about your petty problems, I’ll transfer you, but when those mysterious fees start appearing, remember, you insisted on talking to a live person.”

Ok, so she really didn’t say that, but I know that’s what she was thinking. Anyway, a very nice lady from India named Megan, came on the line and happily explained to me that I didn’t pay all of my mortgage payment so there was a balance due for July.

What? Apparently, if I had read my mail, I would have known that my escrow was adjusted which caused my house payment to go up, but since I don’t read my mail, I missed that.

Megan was kind enough to waive the late fee since I’ve always paid on time and been a “wery” good customer. I thanked Megan and decided I need to turn over a new leaf, get to know my mail, maybe even start opening it.


  1. Oh open the damned mail. I know it's mainly junk, but open it. Maybe the utility company will send you a check because you overpaid!

  2. Oh, too funny. I hope she plans on reversing those extra phone charges 'cause you insisted on a real, live person.

    Congrats on your new man-friend! And un-congrats on that stupid escrow getting adjusted.

    I hate mail.

  3. Mail can be an adventure...enjoy it. Set aside Saturday morning as a mail opening time.

  4. I do the same thing, will get it from our ghetto mailbox about once a week and pile it on the kitchen desk. About once a month I open everything, sort, file, discard. We had a bill being paid automatically each month with a credit card once (to get the rewards) and since the expiration year on the credit card changed, the charge was not paid. Whoops! Now I try to grab the mail once a week and read through it all at once.


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