Monday, July 19, 2010

Mo's moment of awakening

Friday I picked Mo up from her friends how, she had spent the night Thursday night. This girl has been her best friend since kindergarten. Anyway, I pick Mo up and she tells me her kidneys hurt.

What? Your kidneys hurt? ( I'm always surprised she realizes she has inside body parts, but that's another story) She says they've been hurting, shows me where and tells me Crissy said it's a kidney infection. I was unaware that her friend had recently been to medical school but decided to let that slide.

So I tell her to drink lots of water over the weekend, don't take any ibuprofen and ask if it hurts to pee. She says no, I tell her we'll wait it out.

This morning it was hurting pretty bad so I call the doctor and make an appointment. I take Mo to the pediatrician, she is only 17 after all, she tells me she doesn't need me to go back with her.

I go outside to pace while my child gets her kidneys looked at thinking that it sucks that I am allowed to pay for the doctor visit but she gets to decide if I get to talk to the doctor. Who taught her to think for herself?

After a while she calls me and tells me she's done. I ask what's wrong, she says, I'll tell you in the car. Now lots of things are going through my head, after all, kidneys are not supposed to hurt.

I get to the car where Mo informs me she is an idiot. Again, I'm gonna let that slide. The doctor checked her urine, it was clean, did some poking and prodding, decided it wasn't Mo's kidneys, it was lower back pain.

Apparently I just paid the doctor a $25 co pay to tell my kid what I've been telling her for years- sleeping on the couch every night will make your back hurt. But hey, I'm just her mom, what do I know?


  1. Poor Baby! I'm glad it's not a kidney infection.

  2. Oh don't worry. You'll get smarter as she gets older. Funny how that works.

  3. Oh, Mo. Well, lesson learned. I'm sure she didn't want you in the room w/her 'cause you'd say "HA! TOLD YOU SO!"

    Kids generally hate when we do that.


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