Friday, July 9, 2010

I did not have sex with that man!

Apparently while at Country Jam I slept with the President. Not sex, actual sleeping, as seen above. My friends have not yet forgiven me for voting for Obama and then doing a happy dance when he was elected so they decided some paybacks were in order.

My best friend and her husband ( our husband but that's a different story) were in Texas when they found a little sex/novelty store and wonder of wonders, it had a blow up, anatomically correct Obama doll. They needed no encouragement, they bought it and saved it until the time was right.

But first I have to tell you about the rest of Country Jam, I didn't sleep with the president until the last night. Trina and I were like little kids at Christmas, we wanted to go, go, go, right now! Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How much longer? The fact that Clay didn't kill us or dump us off on the side of the road says amazing things about that man's patience.

We get to Colorado, head to the liquor store and spend our children's inheritance on booze, sorry kids, then we went to the campground. Sandy and Matt rented a trailer so we were setting up when in pulls our neighbor- in his UHaul! Freaking hilarious! We camped next to some early 20 something boys and they were a blast! They camped in a Uhaul and were so much fun it was like watching comedy central- you might be a redneck.

They tied a big pole to one of their trucks so they could string the tarp across. You can see the pole tied to the truck in the picture. When the wind grabbed the tarp and whipped it off the pole, they had another solution.

They were a riot and we hope we run into them next year.

I had the time of my life, I lost my voice screaming at Trace Adkins, that man is incredibly fine, I'm his next wife but don't tell him and ruin the surprise! So no talking for me for two or three days. I also apparently climbed one of the boys camping next to us like a spider monkey and the drunk kid dropped me on my head. Trina and Clay said I have to wear a helmet next year!

The last night we were there I was alcoholed out, if you can believe that. So I went to bed, that's when they broke out Obama and put him in bed with me. Here are some of the tamer pics. It's amazing how many people had their mouths on this blow up doll!

We are already scoping out campsites for next year, after all, a girl can never have too many beads!


  1. So........can I make an appointment to see the president? lol I am so bummed I missed out on all that fun! I am so in for next year! Love ya darlin!

  2. It is interesting to see the poor, worn out Obama doll being handled by so many women.

  3. best time EVER!!! can't wait to go again!!!

  4. Wow that looks like sooo much fun,I wanna come!!


  5. Um. It looks like he's losing a little bit of air in that last shot. I wonder where they've placed the valve?

    Did you deflate and put him neatly (but respectfully) away till the next...occasion?


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