Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wait, come back....

I promise I have a witty post in me somewhere. However since adopting our beautiful puppy Sadie, my vocabulary has been reduced to:
1. Don't jump, down.
2. Off the furniture Missy
3. We don't eat shoes
4. No!
5. Out of the flower bed
6. Good girl!

Pretty limited vocabulary but there is one more phrase that I've said over and over again. Clementine does not like puppies Sam I am, not even one little bit. She likes them in a box (their crate) but that's about it, the rest of the time she bares her pointy little teeth and snaps at them for breathing her air.

I've said it so much this weekend that I'm sure Ivy's first sentence will be "Clementine stop being a bitch." I'm even saying it in my sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow I will learn new words.


  1. Honey was our only dog and an older girl of about 5. She was just fine with being the only canine. We got Harry when Honey was about 7 and Harry was a big 18 month old pup. Honey did not even let Harry drink HER water. He couldn't play with HER toys. Yup, Harry couldn't breathe HER air either. He spent a lot of time in the crate during the first 3 months.

  2. Yes Miss Sadie will learn to love the crate I'm afraid because although she is already 10 pounds heavier and 4 inches taller, Clemie is the queen! Three months? Really? That's a long time.

  3. Trust me, before you know it you will have on happy little family. Thats when the trouble starts, the stinkers start plotting together! lol

  4. The way it's going, you might not like the new words you learn, either (e.g. "we don't do THAT in shoes, either").


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