Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm really back this time!

Just back from vacation and boy do I have some stories to tell!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally someone recognizes my greatness

Got your attention didn't I? Well, I do have to talk a little bit about how amazing I am thanks to my lovely friend Small Town Girl, she has given me an award that tells me to embrace my wonderfulness. Or at least tell you about six things I do really well. Since before she gave me this award she took all the things I'm really, really good at for herself, I had to dig deep so here goes....

1. I can put my entire fist in my mouth, no, I won't show you. So I guess I'm good at having a big mouth,

2. I'm really good at sleeping in one position all night. My dogs have trained me well, they hate when they get all comfy and I try to move so I've learned to not move all night. Kind of looks like I'm dead but hey, it works for the girlies.

3. I am extremely good at avoiding confrontation, I have a big rug I sweep everything under so if you and I need to talk about something it's probably under that rug, you are welcome to dig it out but I'm sure I'll be busy when you want to talk.

4. I'm really good at fluffing couch pillows. I do it a hundred times a day because Clementine loves to sleep on them and every time she gets down my OCDness tells me to fluff.

5. I always remember my reusable bags at the grocery store. Score one for me and the environment, but then that means I have to BUY bags to pick up dog poop. What's the right thing to do?

6. I am amazing at finding the most wonderful women in the world to befriend. And I'm just lucky enough that they love me back instead of thinking I'm some crazy stalker lady who likes to hold their hands.

Ok, I made it to six! Woo hoo! Now, like all things worth having I must give this away to six wonderful bloggers who make my life that much more amazing!

First, nothing is complete without Kathryn, she cracks me up, and I know if I ever get out her way there will be a margarita waiting. Then there is Jerry, please, who would not love this man? Michael, I feel like Dr. Evil, but you complete me. Brittany at Mommy Words, kills me, she does all those things we all do with our kids when no one is looking, but then she tells everyone about it! And Mom of the Perpetually grounded, she lets me know that I'm not alone. And last, but certainly not least, Nucking Futs Momma, just the name kills me, and she writes too!

My wonderful friends, you don't have to post this on your blog but I just want all of you to know that you make my days just a little bit brighter, and I am grateful.

Please check out these wonderful writers, if you haven't already, they say the damnedest things!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Spring is my favorite time of year. The birds are singing, flowers blooming, shorts come out of the closet, and my baby has a birthday.

Last years birthday made me cry, this year is leaving me stunned. My sweet little girl will be 17. Holy shit batman! Sometimes it seems like only yesterday the doctor was holding her up for me to see for the first time, other times it seems impossible that I have only loved her for 17 short years, I feel she has always been a part of me.

Some people are born to do great things, travel to exotic places, cure diseases, bake the worlds best cookies, color inside the lines. Me, I was born to be Mo’s mom. I’m really, really good at it too, just ask her.

These teenage years have not been a walk in the park for either of us. Sometimes I’m sure she is trying to see exactly what it will take to make me lose my last thread of sanity. Other times I think she is my last thread of sanity.

My baby loves the arts. She is gifted with a beautiful voice, she recently sang live on a local radio station with her Daddy playing guitar for her. She is amazing. Mo is also quite the theatre geek. She loves drama- imagine that if you will- a teenage girl who loves drama.

Mo was recently in a play at school called Metamorphosis, one of those Greek mythology things. All the kids were amazing, but I couldn’t take my eyes off my girl. She had two parts, sleep and gaunt hunger. Sleep was good, just enough of Mo’s humor to make it good. As gaunt hunger she was amazing. My beautiful baby was dressed in black rags, her hair was in her eyes and she clawed her way across the stage on all fours looking for her prey. She was creepy, totally in character.

As I watched I thought the play was aptly named and chosen. This was the advanced theatre class so all juniors and seniors and we parents have watched our kids morph into the adults they are becoming.

Mo’s first performance, she was a sunbeam, in a pretty brown and yellow dress, dancing in the wrong direction and singing Zipadee Do Da so loud you couldn’t hear the other kids. The video is unwatchable, I laughed until I cried and the camera shook like we were in an earthquake. Especially when Mo danced the wrong way for the third time and the little boy she kept running into shoved her across the stage.

This time was different. Her first performance was full of little girl sunshine and giggles this performance was dark and seemed perfect for this time in her life when she is in the dark, struggling to become an adult, to find her place to shine.

And shine she did. My baby is maturing in ways I hadn’t expected and didn’t see until I saw her crawling across that stage becoming someone else. Mo is good, she throws herself into her performances and doesn’t come up for air.

I wish I had her balls, she gets that from her Dad, but that smile, that’s all her Momma.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I love my garden, I may have said that a time or two, but I think it’s worth repeating. There is nothing better than watching things grow. I planted my vegetable garden, and it snowed, everything died, I planted it again, it snowed again, I think the only causualties this time are the tomato plants so I’ll get some new ones and plant again.


The flowers are blooming, Columbine, my absolute favorite, I think I have it in every color in my garden. My bachelor buttons, they always make me smile because they remind me of my grandmother and the little poem she used to say when I was a kid.

The absolute best thing about a garden is sharing it with the kids. Mo and her sister planted flowers together. It was a amazing, Mo is not interested in planting with me but when it comes to Ivy, she will do anything Ivy wants. It’s very sweet, I wish I would have gotten a picture.. I did get some pics of Ivy working in the yard, don’t call child protective services, she really wanted to shovel!

So I planted and weeded and sang songs to Ivy while she pulled the blossoms off every flower she could reach and brought them to me for me to smell before trying to feed them to Clementine.

As usual, Clementine was unimpressed.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wait, come back....

I promise I have a witty post in me somewhere. However since adopting our beautiful puppy Sadie, my vocabulary has been reduced to:
1. Don't jump, down.
2. Off the furniture Missy
3. We don't eat shoes
4. No!
5. Out of the flower bed
6. Good girl!

Pretty limited vocabulary but there is one more phrase that I've said over and over again. Clementine does not like puppies Sam I am, not even one little bit. She likes them in a box (their crate) but that's about it, the rest of the time she bares her pointy little teeth and snaps at them for breathing her air.

I've said it so much this weekend that I'm sure Ivy's first sentence will be "Clementine stop being a bitch." I'm even saying it in my sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow I will learn new words.