Monday, May 10, 2010

A weekend in paradise

What a wonderful weekend. First, as you know, I'm fabulous, and I have an exciting and wonderful life but sometimes it gets even better.

Friday night we had a girl party, there were purses, candles, jeans and henna tattoos and when that was over the real fun started. After the vendors left the drinking started in earnest. We danced around the kitchen to the songs from Grease, and yes we knew all the dances. We've decided we can't let all this talent go to waste so we are going to get together regularly and drink, I mean practice so at the end of the summer we can perform for the whole world. There may or may not have been large quantities of copper camels involved. I'll never tell.

Also this weekend, I had sausage TWICE! I know, I know. Since I've been sick I can't eat very much but somehow there is always room for sausage. Randy took me to breakfast, no potatoes this time but I did get sausage. I felt bad because I think that's all I ate. Then on Sunday my sisters made a lovely mother's day brunch, with sausage. They know me too well.

But the best thing that're never gonna believe it! Stephen King was here, in my house, reading my writing, telling me I'm talented. I was proud as a peacock, until I got embarrassed because we could hear the people in the apartment upstairs having loud, banging against the wall sex. I tried to talk louder and pretend I didn't hear, then I remembered I don't live in an apartment, so I woke up.

The wind ripped a piece of siding halfway off my house and was rhythmically slamming it into the house. Damn. Now Stephen is gone and I won't get to hear about how he is going to make sure I get published so I can live on the beach and eat bon bons everyday.

I knew I should have stayed in that apartment.


  1. Friday night was absolutely a blast. Funny how Copper Camels can bring women together in song and dance:) But I was thinking with that kinda fun maybe we should drink I mean practice biweekly:)

    Love ya friend

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend and a really great dream!!!

  3. Had to look up the Copper Camel. My drink is a Vodka Martini on the rocks. Put ice in the glass. Add two ounces of Vodka. To that add an ounce of Vodka. Add two olives. Drink slowly, while doing nothing important. Go to bed. Hey, I am no longer a youngster or possessed by illusions of youth.

    Sausage. So many kinds. Ohhhh! Potatoes I enjoy, but I don't dream about them.

    I had a conversation, once, with Stephen King. Well, actually I sat in an auditorium with a lot of other people and listened to him tell us about his motorcycle trip across the country and his new (then) novel Insomnia. It was a lot like many of my conversations, however, so that is what I am calling it.

    Continue the verbiage. May as many tubers and naturally cased ground meat products come your way as makes you most happy.


  4. First of all what the heck is copper camel? Do I wanna know? You seriously had me going when I read that Stephen King was there. My heart started to beat fast, and I was so excited for you. Haha!

  5. Carol, that's one heck of a good weekend. The dream of the noisy neighbors banging away while S King was trying to make you a millionairess is just too cool! I love that!

  6. Hi~

    I am now following you from Friday Follow :-)

    You can find me here~

  7. Bubbles, you my friend, have a way with camels!

    Michael, I always smile when you visit me, I love to "listen" to you talk.

    Small town, I was so excited I almost wet myself.

    Linda, you understand too well the things that live in my head!


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