Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sadie Jayne

Once again I got a call from the rescue asking if I could take some 16 week old puppies, and as usual I immediately said sure- bring 'em over! The lady at the rescue laughed and asked how many I wanted, I did have enough sense to say 2 instead of my usual response which is "I'll take all you've got." That's a step in the right direction.

Stacey brings over two of the cutest puppies and I instantly know I'm in trouble. Mo and I wanted a big dog even before the debacle in the front yard and I've been putting it off. As soon as I saw Sadie's face I knew I was done for.

After 24 hours I called the rescue and said, I'm gonna keep this one. She is a sweetheart. Her sister is very cute and well but there is just something about this pup that grabbed my heart and won't let go.

We are suckers for animals. Since before Mo was born her father and I always had a houseful of cats. While I love cats I'm more of a dog person. Mo's allergic to cats and I think I'm allergic to cleaning the litter box so every time I think about bringing home a cute little kitty I recite the follow in list in my head:

1. Mo's allergic.
2. Litter boxes
3. Eating houseplants
4. Climbing Christmas trees
5. Clawing furniture
6. Again with the litter boxes.

It works every time and I'm able to walk away from those cute little balls of fluff. For whatever reason, it doesn't work the same with dogs. I have a list in my head but can usually be distracted from it by puppy kisses.

Sadie is going to be a big girl, the rescue said she is German Shepherd/Golden Retriever/Chow, or in other words a large mutt mix. She is going to destroy my little tiny back yard, she is going to fill my house with muddy paw prints and wet dog smell. There is going to be dog hair everywhere, water dripping from jowls and those god awful dog farts. I'm also sure I"m going to lose more than one shoe to her, but, what I get in return will be more than worth it. No one loves you like your dog does, except maybe your Mom.

So meet Miss Sadie Jayne, the newest member of our all girl family. And as usual, Clementine is not impressed.


  1. Awwwwwwwww Missi she is sooooo cute.....

  2. Welcome, Sadie! Aren't YOU just the prettiest little thing? And you're in good company too...with all the other beauties in that there house.

    I don't blame you for falling in love with that face, sweetie...she's adorable.

  3. Oh how cute!!!! I say, as I sit surrounded by dog fur. I can see why you couldn't resist, I'm partial to bigger dogs myself. And now I have to go clean some litter boxes : )

  4. You know that I am a 100% dog person. Sadie will become an indispensable member of your family. A big congratulations and a hug to Sadie.

    (By the way Carol, I added a bit to my last blog entry. It is one of those must-read links to someone you will appreciate.)


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