Sunday, May 23, 2010

My poor neglected blog

Lately I've been, uninspired. Maybe that's the wrong word, I've just been inspired about other things. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who starts the tiniest little project and it turns into a massive, days long, burning up the Home Depot credit card, can't sleep till I get it done.

That's where my blog has gone. I love this time of year because I love to garden. This year I put my garden in too early and everything died, so I had to replant. Not a problem really, but while purchasing replacement plants I decided that I needed a drip system. Which lead me to realize that I needed weed fabric because the weeds in my vegetable garden will be out of control come July. Then of course I needed mulch to hold the weed fabric down. And won't these look lovely in the flower bed in the back yard, and this for the side yard. While I'm here, I really need to find some shade loving plants for the front yard, that bed looks very neglected.

Now I know this does not sound like that much but the weekend I decided to do all this was also the weekend that Mo was in a play with four performances, Ivy Love was coming to spend the weekend with her favorite Auntie and I was having a bbq to bribe men to replace my swamp cooler for me.

Why I can't do one thing at a time, I don't know. I can't, I'm just not built that way. Yesterday was another perfect example of that, I got up, cleaned the house, went on a lunch date, came home and fixed some siding on the house, helped Mo get ready for yet another prom, took pictures for said prom, went to the craft store to get yarn because my friends daughter is having a baby and although I have a quilt that still needs the binding put on it I wanted to make a cute little afghan too. While at the craft store I remembered what I needed for Christmas presents that I want to make this year oh and I need to find something for Mom's birthday. And I had a date last night.

Someone please get the hamster off the wheel. I'm having trouble keeping up!


  1. That sounds like about the point where I shove it all in a closet, sit on the couch and watch another rerun of Rick Steves Europe.

  2. Carol! Slow down! Damn girl! You are making me dizzy with all the stuff you are doing! (Now to the important stuff: How was the date?) LOL!

  3. You sound just like my best friend, with her everything is a project she is constantly late because she allowed a simple task to consume her totally. LOL so I can completely relate


  4. As said best friend from above, I feel ya Carol! They just don't understand ... there is so much good to do in the world, and not nearly enough people to do it the RIGHT way. =D

  5. My husband gives me such a hard time about my projects. Even cleaning is a project. I end up making a bigger mess than I started with.


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