Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm on a R-R-R-Rolllll!

Lately every man I’ve met online has an R name! I know there are plenty of Mike's, Dave's, Johns, and Todd's but apparently this is my month for R men.

First there was Roger. He pushed all of my bad boy buttons, fast car, tattoos, slow, sexy smile, but, he wasn’t actually a bad boy. He walks the walk and talks the talk but he is an accountant and a business owner, has a beautiful home, raised his son alone, not at all a bad boy, looks can be so deceiving. I was excited about this, kind of like having my cake and eating it to, one the surface he is a bad boy but at heart, he is a good man. This could go places. Sadly, he overstepped the bounds of this very new dating “relationship” and when I called him on it he broke out the oldest bad boy trick in the world. He tried to use guilt and manipulation to get what he wanted. I don’t freaking think so! Next!

Then there is Russ. Very mysterious, I think he may possibly be married and trying to play both sides of the fence. The inconsistencies and suddenly having to go are a little suspicious. He’s either married has a really bad cell phone plan!

Randy. He took me out to brunch on Sunday. It was very nice, he bought me potatoes, you know, that’s almost a marriage proposal in my world. Had he thrown in sausage, it would have been a done deal. I’m going out with him again so I’ll let you know.

Just last night I got an email from Robert. I’m not complaining about the R men, at least I’m dating and laughing, because I like to laugh more than just about anything, except maybe potatoes and sausage.


  1. Carol, I'm so glad you are going out! I'd hate to see a gorgeous young woman like you hang it up! Yeah, there are some losers out there, but there are some winners too! Keep the positive attitude and enjoy the dating! Who knows? There's probably a sausage and potato guy out there for you!

  2. Pssst..I have one for ya. It doesn't start with an R and you even named him in your blog:Todd. Let me know!


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