Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'll take Bachelor Number 3

Yesterday at lunch Joyce and I were discussing how difficult it is to meet eligible men, in our age group, who are not insane, are gainfully employed and have no bodies buried in the backyard. And how do you separate them from the herd?

Maybe we’ve forgotten how to flirt. It seems so different now. When men talk to me at the grocery store, home depot, the library or the bookstore, I never know if they are just asking a simple question or if they are trying to pick me up. Immediately my eye heads for their left hand, no ring, but what does that mean anymore? The CEO, COO, etc, of the company I work for are all married men, not a single one of them wears a wedding ring. I don’t want to flirt with someone else’s husband. I don't need that kind of drama.

So we had an idea, kind of like the Training Table for dating. We would have several tables, some for women, some for men. Each chair would have a text number assigned to it and there would be a cell phone at each seat. If you see someone you like, you could simply send him or her a short text with your location and they could text back, or not, and if you were both initially attracted then you could move to a different area that would have couple tables.

There you could have a few drinks, spend some time getting to know each other and at the end decide if you want to exchange numbers. No harm, no foul. Everyone pays their own way so there is not uncomfortableness.

Dating is not that much fun and sometimes it seems that meeting people is impossible. I think this could work. We could have age group nights, 20-30, 30-40- 40-50, etc. It would be kind of like speed dating but with a more relaxed agenda. I think we could be bigger than Eharmony.

Now we just need a name. Joyce didn't like the Sausages R Us.

On a side note, I've started a new blog to bitch about peoples opinions and things that I think are stupid, you know how opinated I am, visit if you would like, but I don't' call it Offending the Masses for nothing.

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