Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does anyone know CPR?

We all have one of those friends. The one who should have been your sister but got dropped off at the wrong house. She is also the one who can talk you into just about anything AND make you think it's a great idea.

That's my Trina. She was the first friend that I made when I moved to Utah. Our kids are six months apart in age, she has a boy, I have a girl, we both have fertility issues that make them our one and only so we thoroughly enjoyed each other's children.

Trina is the friend who let my baby eat a poisonous plant, to be honest, she let her baby eat it too. I am the friend who let my kid bite her kid, over and over and over again, with no idea how to stop it. She loves me still, and so does he!

When something goes wrong, we call each other first, when something goes right, we call each other first. When one of us gets hurt, the other one laughs until she pees her pants and has to change before taking her friend to the emergency room. It works for us.

I think though, that this might be the last straw. Trina called me today, on her way to work, with her next brilliant idea. She wants to train for a marathon and thinks it would be fun, yes FUN!!! if we did it together.

My head is spinning. You may or may not know that I am a cigarette smoking, wine drinking, french fry loving train wreck most of the time, but I've got good genes! I'm blessed with a fast metabolism and a body that is determined not to carry around that Mt. Everest of food I consume on a regular basis.

This does not, however, mean I want to run. No one is chasing me so what's the point? I mean if some guy was after me trying to make me wife number 42 I would run like hell, maybe even jump some hurdles, but just because? Seriously? People do this? Voluntarily? No they don't, they do it because their friend called them at work, on a Wednesday, when they were eyeballs deep in a contract and they couldn't think of a way out.

My only response, Ok, I will, but not like competitively or anything, I mean, I'm not going to run fast, maybe a little jog, but nothing that is going to give me bad knees later. I'm still using those knees occasionally, ok, I'm not, but I'm hopeful!

Anyway, if you don't hear from me, send help, sexy paramedics and some french fries, and whatever happens, remember, it's all Trina's fault.


  1. A year from now you will be a running snob. The right shoes, shorts, tops, and warm-up suits. You will know all of the marathons, the when and where, the who-is-who.

    You will still love spuds and sausage, but as fond memories of another life. Food is fuel, for training and competing. You will count calories and carbs, and weigh all of your food on a digital scale.

    Welcome to your new life. Feel the burn.


  2. Cross town hubbyMay 26, 2010 at 9:21 PM

    Thank God she talked YOU into it! Anything further than a sprint to the ice cream truck and I'm pretty sure I would drop dead!

  3. LMAO!! I love you! You know you wanna!!

  4. This. Is. Awesome. I too, have a BFF that is everything you just described. She has not called for the marathon yet, but just a couple weeks ago we were in REI looking at those creepy shorts 'serious' bikers wear. So I'm waiting for the call asking me if the tires on my old bike are still good after sitting in my garage for 3 years.

  5. Carol, this is so great! My son and his wife both run in marathons (okay, 1/2 marathons for Kate). They love it. Start training well ahead of the event. You'll do fine! Trina rocks! And worst case scenario, you do need paramedics, Great way to meet men, so wear cute underwear.

  6. You guys kill me! Mike, I'm not giving up french fries and sausage for anyone, not even Trina. Maybe if they said she would die if I ate french fries, no I'd know they were lying!
    Hubby- your turn is coming, now I want ice cream.
    Trina- I love you and maybe I wanna, if only for the sexy paramedics.
    Ivy- get ready to ride darlin, you know the call is coming.
    Linda- I have to wear underwear? That's it, no marathon for me!

  7. boy r u ur mothers daughter....get her goin Trina....
    Love You Momma


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