Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby's getting back

I either have to stop dating or start exercising around the clock. All this dating is going to make me fat!

Last weekend I went to brunch at Market Street, ummmm potatoes. I’ve gone out to lunch once this week. Last night I had dinner at Goodwood with Layne, they had sausage, I almost ordered it to make my week complete. You know how I feel about sausage and potatoes.

Tomorrow I’m going to breakfast with Randy ( the R men strike again) and just to keep it interesting, he is taking me to Red Rooster. How many more R’s can we use? I wonder if they have Raspberry Waffles? If they do I am so getting them to keep with the R theme. But I want you to know I draw the line at refried beans on anything, yuck!

I wonder what next week will hold. There are many more letters of the alphabet. I am finding myself more and more open to new people.

The men I have dated recently are not my usual bad boy dates, but you know what? I like them! They are interesting, they have great stories, their life experiences are interesting and not all about what a victim they are, these men are actually excited, motivated and in some strange way, content.

I think it is that contentment that is attracting me more than anything. I’m done with the drama. I am a content in my life, my job, my world, it’s nice to spend time with someone who feels that same.

Layne brought me fresh eggs from his chickens. Randy tells me stories about his grandkids. Rick tells me about his flower garden. These conversations are soothing to my soul after so much franticness. There is no pretense, they are who they are and don’t feel the need to be a bad boy to impress me or anyone else.

I think I’m in love………….not with anyone in particular but with this breed of man that has been there all along but I was always too busy dating bad boys to see.

Maybe I’m finally growing up.


  1. Wow, Carol! You go girl! I'm so happy that you are having fun and meeting nice guys. Bad boys are NOT long term solutions for any of us.

  2. I feel good about you and what you are doing. It seems like the guys you are dating want to share. That's what it is all about.

  3. we all need to grow up only wish i would have grown up sooner, because now i don't want
    Love You


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