Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another one bites the dust.......

How long should you date someone before you decide if there is chemistry or not? Maybe that’s my problem, I need to feel chemistry fairly quickly or I’m outta here!

I had some really nice dates with Randy, he is intelligent, funny, kind, but I just don’t want to get naked with him.

I don’t see a reason to waste someone’s time. I certainly don’t want a man to waste my time, going through the motions until he finds what he is really looking for- we all know who I’m talking about there! It’s hurtful and keeps you from putting yourself out there again to meet the person of your dreams.

So I told him I didn’t feel there was any chemistry between us. Is that rude? What should I say instead? What is the nicest way to let someone down gently.

These are all men who I like as human beings, I’m just not attracted to them. I’ve tried to give myself more time, thinking the attraction would come but it doesn’t.

My friend Joyce says I've become a professional dater. I do date a lot. I really like to meet new people, I like to hear their stories, I'm fascinated by what makes people tick so I like to hear them talk. And then I move on.

I'm starting to see this dating thing almost as a job, I'm in sales, if I want to make money I have to keep feeding my pipeline. That's how I feel about meeting my last love. If I want to find him, I have to keep putting myself out there, date a lot of men, meet a lot of people, feed the pipeline.

So the quest continues. Look out Mr. Right For Me, I’m on my way to find you. I’m finished with Mr. Right Now, and Prince Charming, he really is a fairy tale. As Mo and I say…………..NEXT!


  1. I think being brutally honest is a wonderful trait to have.

  2. Instead of saying you don't feel any chemistry just say I don't think that we have enough in common to make this relationship go any further, you are a very nice person and I know there is someone out there to make you happy. You know how they say every dog has its day but today is just not yours!!!

  3. I think I'm unusual in that I find most guys sexy in one way or another. Oh, not that I do anything about it, but I find it really sexy when somebody adores me.

  4. Got something for you at my place, Carol.

  5. Aw. Well, I'm sorry Mr. Randy wasn't Mr. Right. But it sounds like you've got an excellent attitude about the whole thing, sweets....and that's half the battle. Keeping your options open and realizing that ya gotta kiss a lot of frogs, yada, yada.....

    You're my hero. You find the prince and pass his brother onto me!

  6. chemistry between people can’t be created or forced, it’s a natural thing. When you feel comfortable with someone, then you have chemistry with him / her. The keyword is “comfortable”. Nice blog carol, I added u in my link, would u add me too. Thanx.


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