Friday, April 9, 2010

Project 365 Day 13

This is an old picture but it always makes me laugh. I took Mo and her cousin to Vegas to see a band they liked. Needless to say these two little girls received quite the education while we were there.

Grown men were grabbing them on the street and asking what they were doing later. I was ready to kill someone. Then a prostitute on the bus gave them an education about some of the many sexual deviations men visit hookers for, kill me now!

We went into the gift shop, harmless right? Not in Vegas. There was a big stuffed parrot that had a motion detector in it that made it talk. When the girls walked past him he said " Nice tits." They thought it was funny.

As soon as they put their pimp hats on, something they were doing triggered the parrot and just as I went to snap the picture he said "Polly wants a blowjob" This picture is the girls reaction.

hai and nia on 365 Project


  1. Girl, if there's a place I hate more than Las Vegas I don't know where it is! It has no redeeming features in my book, but the kids look like they had a blast! (Ah, the tales they will tell! Yikes!)

  2. Yes Linda, it was way scary! My baby girl learned way too much that day!


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