Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I"m full of awesome randomness today

And wine, now that I'm off that awful antibiotic I am once again fortifying myself with large quantities of wine. That may be why I'm full of randomness as well.

My first little bit of randomness- I am technically challenged. Last night my wonderful friend Kathyrn from, was talking to me on Twitter only I'm so challenged that to respond to each Tweet I had to run to the computer cause I can't figure out how to do it on my phone! Also, that whole inserting links into your post, Heather tried to help me but apparently I'm beyond help.

Also challenged and random, I bought a netbook so I could write from anywhere, but it seems that the version I purchased is possessed by Satan ( or maybe one of his minions, I know he's busy) because I will be engrossed in getting the next chapter of my book down when suddenly I find that my netbook has decided the sentence I'm typing really needs to go into the middle of the first paragraph. WTF? Satan, I'm sure you have better things to do with your time,leave me alone!

Second bit of randomness. I love yoga, it's like exercise for lazy people. Makes it perfect for me.

Third bit of randomness. My post from yesterday, well, I've gotten quite a bit of feedback and it seems that according to Playboy radio, there is a place online you can recycle your used sex toys. You know I had to check that out. The absolute best thing about the site? The pictures:

So not only can you recycle your dildo but they will give you a $5 credit so you can buy a dildo out of recycled material. Even for an earth friendly girl like myself, that's a bit much.

And my friend at work is afraid, God forbid, that something is going to happen to me and while cleaning out my house my family is going to find my carefully wrapped and duct taped vibrators and wonder how weird I really was. I told her they all read this blog so I'm sure they will make sure they get to the vibrators before Mo does so I dont' have to pay for therapy from the grave.

And my final bit of randomness, some of you should stop reading now, so don't say you weren't warned. Yoga always makes me have to poop. Is this normal?

Thanks for letting me pour this randomness from my head into your capable hands. I think you know what you need to do now. I'm going to bed!


  1. I think everything about you is normal!!! the devil better leave you alone or I will ship some of your toys to him and tell him where to stick them...
    Love You Much

  2. You crack me up. When my kids were small, we had new neighbors. Very nice church people. Got dressed up to come over and have tea and cookies with me. I heard something sounding like a mechanical "whirrr" and Sheila (age 3) came in the room carrying a 7" black dildo (given to me as a joke gift, Uh huh.) The church people got the funniest look on their faces. I guess I did too. What do you say? (That was their last visit to me.)

  3. Oh, I'm loving your mom! (HI Carol's mom!!!)
    As for you, missy...I'm reading backwards, so I can't wait to read about the sex toys. Should I wait till after five when I can have some wine? With this packing and writing, I'm losing my all-important mojo-groove on visiting. I hate it when Satan messes with my mouse. I do believe this is why I've got such mouse-issues.

  4. You need to know that one of my many varied and unique qualifications in life is that I am a link king. I learned how to do this about a month ago and now I link all over the place, sometimes by accident. (Oh God...look, Jerry accidentally linked again!)

    When you are composing your post, save the damn thing before you try any public linking...okay, you can link in private as long as you take pictures. Then go over to the site (blog?) you want to link to and copy the address. Then go back to your blog entry and hit that stupid link button. It will ask you for the URL or something (I think it means Universally Responsible Lesbians) -- paste the copied thing in there. You will also be asked to name your link. You can type in whatever you want. For instance if you copied my blog address in the URL thing, you can now label it "The Guy Who Linked in his Pants". Hit the 'okay' or 'save' or whatever button and "The Guy Who Linked in his Pants" sill show up in your blog as a link.

    Have I saved the damsel from distress? Am I now a hero?

    If it doesn't work -- well, linking is overrated.


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