Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slacker McFly!!

I have been a slacker, bad, bad, blog tender. I promise to make it up to you, I have lots and lots rattling around in my head.
Let's see since we last talked I went to play Bunko, that's always fun, good food, funny women and alcohol, oh and we play a dice game too!
I also got to spend a fabulous day with my Ivy Love, she is growing so quickly, totally becoming a little person now instead of a baby. She babbles away, I have no idea what she is saying but she is pretty intense about it!

Ivy is a great eater, she will eat anything. She and I actually had veggie burgers and asparagus for dinner, her sister had ravioli. So what is she eating in these pictures you ask? Why girl scout cookies of course!

I finally did my taxes, I usually don't procrastinate because I always get money back but this year, that money is going for a new roof so maybe I'm not as excited about getting it as I should be.

Also, Mo and I went to court for her possession of tobacco charge and can I just say that I am disappointed in the court system. I know it's juvenile court, I know it was a tobacco charge, I know I am her parent and it's my responsibility to teach her right from wrong, but I think some support from the justice system would help. She did, after all, break the law.

I was looking forward to Mo going in front of a judge and getting the bejeesus scared out of her. Mo was nervous, sick to her stomach, didn't know what to expect.

We arrive and find the line we have to stand in. There is a 17 year old girl in front of us, the gentleman behind the glass is verifying the information on her citation. We overhear that she is there on a shoplifting charge. After everything is verified she is told to step to the waiting area on the right, she will need to sit through a law class and then pay her fine. WTH!!

Then it's Mo's turn, her info is verified and she is told to step to the next window and the lady there will take care of her. The woman at the next window asks Mo if she is aware of her rights. Mo has the deer in the headlights look.
"You have the right to an attorney, you have the right to go before the judge, or you can admit guilt and pay your fine."

Mo says " I have the right to remain silent, I choose that one!"
The lady behind the glass laughs, gives Mo the paperwork to pay her fine, tells her she will have 30 days and to try to pay half of it by that date. She also gives her a card for the Quitnet and tells her to call it, " We can't monitor that," she says, "but we are required to give you the card."

As we walked away I was very disappointed. What happened to community service? What happened to consequences and taking responsibility? Mo is paying her fine so there is a small amount of pain involved, but nothing really. What about the shoplifters? Where is the threat of this ruining your life, restitution, righting a wrong?

I'm disappointed, in my child's decision making skills, in my parenting skills and in the juvenile court system. We are letting these kids down instead of lifting them up by showing them how their decisions affect everyone. And by allowing them the opportunity to learn through service to others. I think ten hours of community service to pay a $60 fine would have more of an impact than just paying the fine. Maybe I'm wrong.


  1. I do agree with you. Paying fines really don't relate to much of anything. Doing, and understanding why you are doing, can make such a difference.

    You're pretty smart -- ya' know that?

  2. I completely agree. My son shoplifted something from Walmart (worth $5.99) and they pressed charges and we went to court. Nothing. Charges dropped. It WOULD be appreciated if courts at least pretended to punish them! I know they have bigger things to take care of, but all of these little things have the potential of being bigger things if the kids don't learn there are legal consequences!!!
    Lindsey Petersen


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