Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Packey and the Yurt

Ever had dinner in a Yurt? Well, neither had I, until my friend's brother was here visiting from Houston and as a group we decided that hiking up mountain, at night, in the winter, to eat in a tent was a good idea. What's a yurt you ask?

"A yurt is a portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. A yurt is more home-like in shape and build, with thicker walls that a normal tent. They are very very great to live in, and you might consider moving into one if you are planning on becoming a nomad." So says Wikipedia.

Anyway, one of the ski resorts close to home has a Yurt dining experience. You drive up to the resort and hike to the yurt. You have the option of snowshoeing or cross country skiing to dinner, depending on weather conditions. It hadn’t snowed in a few days and the trail was pretty packed so we just walked. The best part? The haul your wine in for you, all the wine you can drink and you don't have to carry it up the mountain.

Now before leaving home I had to decide what to wear. I'm not a winter girl, I do not own winter clothes. A winter coat? I have a trench coat, not a ski coat. Snow pants? Do jeans count? Gloves? Hat? Scarf? I have a scarf and those little stretchy gloves that I keep in the car for when I have to scrape the windshield but as I have mentioned, not a fan of winter so I refuse to dress for it.

My friend said to dress in layers. Layers of what? My jeans fit, not much will fit under them. Then I remember the pajamas the elves brought me for Christmas last year, perfect!


So I get ready, feeling very outdoorsy and ready for anything in my red long underwear and trench coat. By the time I get to Lee's I've realized the error of my ways, there is no trap door in my pajama's, if I have to pee I gotta take everything off! Better not drink too much wine!

We head up the mountain singing mountain climbing, eating in a yurt songs - just kidding but it sounded good! We are part of a party of 21. Our guide was a guy named Packey, he takes our wine and tells us to follow him.

Fortunately for me it is a beautiful day, that combined with the year long hot flash I've been enduring and I'm warm and toasty on our little hike.

Once at the yurt we find our seats and Packey and the chef tell us about yurts and the wonderful food we will be eating. We just want them to open the wine.

This is to be a five course meal, cooked entirely in the yurt and served to all 21 of only by Packey and the chef. It was amazing, the food was wonderful, the company was even better.

About halfway through our courses Lee and I decide we need to use the ladies room. There are two port a potties just a short little hike from the yurt, and as Packey said, there's a lantern.

We head out into the full dark wondering where in the hell the lantern is, it's very dark, and we are laughing about it. We get to the port a potty which Lee graciously lets me use, since I have to take off all my clothes to pee.

Once in the port a potty it's even darker than outside. I have to take off my layers, my sweatshirt, my turtle neck, my jeans then finally my long underwear. I am now naked in the dark with no idea where the seat is in the port a potty, I'm not feeling for it! My jeans and long johns are around my knees and I'm hopping on one leg trying to feel for the seat with my other foot, all the while laughing my ass off.

Finally mission accomplished now I just have to manage to get my clothes back on in the dark. I come out of the port a potty laughing my ass off and Lee and I head back to the yurt talking about how full of shit Packey is because there wasn't a lantern at the bathrooms.

Back in the yurt we are washing our hands when Packey asked us if the port a potty was ok for us, and we mention how dark it was. What does he say?
"Did you take the lantern?"

Oh, we were supposed to take the lantern that was hanging outside the yurt, not there was already a lantern there! This made Lee and I laugh even harder so we rejoined the men and drank the rest of the wine.

If you get the chance I highly recommend it, it was a wonderful experience and truly some of the best food I've ever had. Although to have as much fun as I did you would have to go with my friends and I'm not lending them out!


  1. This sounds like a fantastic experience. As soon as I finish this comment and go to your profile to see where you live....where the Yurt is.

  2. Ha! Utah! I'm actually going to be in Utah in June.

  3. Jerry the Yurt is at Solitude ski resort I'm not sure if they do it in the summer but if they do, don't miss it!

  4. Oh, God....this was hilarious! I can just hear you laughing your pretty little layered-a*s off while trying to undress and pee in utter darkness.

    I'll bet you're not the first person to forget the lantern.

    Now, I have to pee...


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