Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let the catching up begin....

I have so much to say, lots of blogs floating around in my head, it is taking all my self restraint not to post them one after an another and get them out!

It was a yucky weekend, I was sick, sick, sick, but I'm definitely going to live and before I move on to the posts that I owe this blog I just want to share a little of my week last week before I got sick.

It was a wonderful week and I felt very lucky. On Tuesday my first crocus opened it's little face to me, a full six days earlier than last year!

Wednesday was St. Patricks Day, also my best friends anniversary and we had a green potluck at work. My contribution? A wonderful, green, key lime cheesecake mousse. It even looked pretty!

On Thursday things started to get a little blurry as I felt worse and worse but before sliding down the slippery slope to " I feel like shit" I did manage to get a couple pictures of the incredible cuteness that is currently living in my basement.

And if this face doesn't make you go all mushy inside you just might be an android.

I'm not finished, later I'll tell you about my yurt experience.

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  1. The puppy is truly adorable. I do hope that you are feeling better now.


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