Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I must be Irish

I am convinced that in a previous life I lived through the Great Famine in Ireland and as a result, I am obsessed with potatoes. I have mentioned in the past my peanut butter fixation. I love peanut butter but, if I must, I could live without it. Potatoes are an entirely different story.

I wasn’t always potato obsessed, it started when I was pregnant with Mo. I ate so many potatoes I thought I might actually be giving birth to potatoes. I ate fried potatoes for breakfast, French fries for lunch, mashed potatoes for dinner. And sometimes, when no one was looking, I ate raw potatoes for a snack. My grandmother told me that would give me worms but I ate them anyway.

I remember Christmas shopping with Steve and some friends and I wanted mashed potatoes. They took me everywhere and the world was conspiring against me, I was not able to get mashed potatoes for dinner. I cried myself to sleep that night, life was so unfair.

This morning, I was sitting at work eating my oatmeal, thinking about potatoes. I want French fries, preferably from Crown Burger, with lots of fry sauce and ketchup. Or maybe Sconecutter spicy fries.

I am the Bubba Gump of potatoes. Fried potatoes, French fries, mashed potatoes, au gratin potatoes , hash browns, potato soup, baked potatoes , twice baked potatoes, potato salad, raw potatoes. I’ve even tried potato sandwiches, but the bread messes it up.

After drinking with the girls, I want hash browns, lots and lots of hash browns. The hard part is finding someone who cooks them correctly. I want my hash browns cooked thoroughly, with lots of onion, green pepper and garlic, not just browned a little on each side and flipped.

I love making ham cabbage and potatoes because of the potatoes. I get a big bowl, throw in half a stick of butter and mash it all together, pure heaven! That reminds me, I’m making a ham for Easter dinner, think I’ll make a big pot of ham, cabbage and potatoes.

For now, I need fries, lots and lots of fries……..


  1. Many years ago I lived in Germany. I met a young woman, the wife of a friend, who proclaimed that her mother loved potatoes and was able to tell where a potato came from just by the flavor.

    I suspect you would have found her a kindred spirit.


  2. Mike she must have been my soul sister. Potatoes are like a drug to me, must have more!


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