Thursday, March 4, 2010


Mo and I have a new love! Her name is Shiloh and she has 7, count them, 7 puppies! We decide that since we both would like another dog but are not ready to commit, fostering dogs would be perfect. All the love, mess and noise, but no long term commitment.

I assumed we would start on a much smaller scale. The lady with the foster agency called and said they had a ten year old mini pin that was stuck at the shelter, could we take him? Of course we said yes but in the nick of time they found him a home.

Today Charity called and said please, please, please, we have a lab momma and her babies, can you help? Well of course we can! Little did we know that babies meant seven but what the hell!

Charity and Stacy, wonderful women, brought Shiloh and her babies to us today. Shiloh is wonderful but unfortunately she may be doomed. She is a black lab, black dogs have a lower adoption rate than any other color dog. She is also only three years old and this is her third litter. Needless to say her nursing area will probably never return to normal. Her teats hang almost to the ground, poor girl has been bred too often and too closely together.

Whatever happens Mo and I will love Shiloh and the babies while we have them and hope that something wonderful awaits them.


  1. You and Hailey are wonderful people, maybe Shiloh will find her way into your heart and she will become yours forever =) Good luck on your venture!!!

  2. I can't let my wife read this. I can see it now:

    "Fostering dogs. Wow, what a neat idea?"

    "But..", I would start to say...

    "To have wonderful puppies around..."


    ...and it would go downhill from there, and I would never get past "But..."

    It is so wonderful that you do this. Just don't tell Marilyn.

  3. Oh, they're so sweet! It's not YOUR responsibility to find them homes, is it? takes a very special person to do what you're doing, sweetie...

    They're *ALL* lucky to have you!

  4. You know -- you haven't posted in eight or nine days. I thought I would just point that out.


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