Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

This has been a great weekend, so much better than last! I'm feeling 100% better and staying busy. Which is not hard to do around here.

These puppies, they really are too cute, getting bigger by the minute. The thing I did not fully think through is the horrible smell created by seven not housebroken puppies when they start eating food. It's yucky! Luckily for them, they are very cute.

My life has become a hamster wheel of feed the puppies, wash the puppies, scrub the basement floor, feed the puppies, wash the puppies, scrub the basement floor. Oh and cleaning up Shiloh's land mines in the back yard. I had forgotten how big, big dogs poop. My tiny little yard may never recover!

I can see the daffodils getting ready to open, my trees are getting fuzzy. I love spring!

This weekend has been awesome. Yesterday was so much fun, Sandi had a birthday bbq for Matt and then I went to the Westerner with my sister and some friends. It was a blast. I'm sure we traumatized more than one person last night!

Since my lovely "boyfriend" broke up with me on my birthday- guess it beats having to plan something- I'm back on the internet dating sites so I should have some funny stories coming. Maybe I'll even meet my prince charming, who knows, anything can happen!

We were also fortunate enough to get to spend some time with our little Ivy love, soon we are taking her and the puppies out in the front yard for pictures. Major cuteness on the way!

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  1. We do have fun dont we? Last night was great! It was fun having our friends from so many different circles all together having a good time. And I think I feel a rematch coming on with that Bull......


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