Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are your legs painted on?

My lovely daughter is 16. Big enough that she should be able to walk under her own power, she is not handicapped in any way, so why am I still carrying her?

We used to laugh and say Mo thought her legs were painted on until she was about 5 because before then, her father and I carried her EVERYWHERE!

I mean everywhere. We went to the grocery store, I carried her from the car to the store and back again.

We went to my sisters, I carried her from the car to the house, and back again. I carried her to bed more times than I can imagine, and that didn't stop until she was about 12.

We went to Moab when Mo was five. Steve and I took turns carrying her all the way to delicate arch. It's a few miles, we carried this kid.

Two weeks ago I picked her up from her father's to take her to work and somehow she managed to forget that she was NOT WEARING SHOES! So what do I do? Give her a piggy back ride into the mall so we can buy her another pair of shoes.

Now, my friend is coming over watch movies and Mo feel asleep on the couch. I woke her up to tell her she either needed to share the couch with us or go upstairs. My baby girl looked at me with those eyes and held up her arms for Mommy to pick her up. So I carried my baby girl all the way upstairs to her room.

Now just in case you are thinking either Mo is really little or I've been working out I want you to know that I am exactly one half inch taller than my baby and outweigh her by about 20 pounds. It's a mom thing, that's all I can say.

I barely made it up the stairs and down the hall before we both fell on her bed. When I put her down I felt like I was floating off the ground. Who needs the gym? Just have a teenager who thinks she is still five when it's convenient.


  1. Yep. A Mom thing. Watch your back!


  2. Oh, God...this is too funny! Just be glad she's not a HE...you'd be in traction!

    Isn't it amazing what we'll do for our babies? For they're always our babies....

  3. Mo always says "I'm not a baby!" I tell her that even when she is someone's grandma she will still be my baby.


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