Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Writing in Cursive

I don't know how true it is that schools are considering not teaching cursive writing anymore but I hope it's not true. Remember practicing your penmanship? Trying  to form the letters perfectly, following those arrows that showed which direction to write each line and how to connect each letter.

Cursive writing is beautiful and if we stop teaching it many things from the past will become hieroglyphics. My father wrote my mother letters from Vietnam, in cursive, I hope one day my grandchildren and great grandchildren can read them. Those letters contain the short history of a boy who went to fight a man's war and came home in a box, I don't want them to forget.

Having said that, I have to admit, I have lazy hands.  I've gotten so used to typing everything that my hands have gotten lazy and if I have to write something my hand cramps up. I'm not proud of that but I think it is a side effect of our generation. No one writes by hand anymore.

I usually have a planner for each year, they are stacked in my closet, an abbreviated history of my year. This year I am doing a bullet journal. I started several months ago and seeing everything handwritten, even the dates, makes it seem more personal.

I had forgotten how beautiful writing by hand is, how much it adds to the words. The words seem more elegant, the ideas seems to flow smoothly together. Even my jumble of unattached thoughts is made beautiful.

I wish I could say I would write more, but I know I won't, it's much easier to type my blogs into this little box, backspacing when necessary, cutting and pasting as needed for flow.

I do think I will take up letter writing though. Letter writing, like cursive, has been lost in the lure of email and our computer screen. I'm not sure what I will say, but I'm going to make an effort to send a personal note every month. I will buy beautiful stationary and use my best penmanship.

Hopefully, someone will smile when they get my old fashioned letter. At least it will be something in the mail besides bills!

Do you hand write letters? Or do you just sign your name to birthday and Christmas cards and call it good?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Opples and Bononos

If you had small children in the 90's I"m sure you remember that song Barney used to sing, I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas. Well, we are singing it again around here because Bubba loves fruit.

 Anas (bananas)with peanut butter is a favorite and if he is just picking at his food all day you can count on a banana with peanut butter to fill his belly.

Bubba also likes apples, a lot. Not the whole apple, just a bite here and there.

I was talking to Trina about something fairly serious and I started laughing. She thought I was laughing about her problem and I think she was a little offended.

I had to explain that  I had walked into the kitchen and every apple in the fruit bowl had one bite taken out of it. One tiny little toddler sized bite. I should have taken a picture but I forgot because I was laughing too hard.

Does anyone need a dozen apples with one little brown spot and lots of toddler drool?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Gotta catch them all

Friday evening my daughter asked me to go for a walk. I was in a little bit of shock, Hailey does not walk anywhere, ever. When she was young we used to joke that her legs were painted on, we carried her everywhere. I remember when she was about five I was still carrying her from the car into the store and I never had to worry about her running off in the store because the princess rode in the front of that shopping cart until her legs were too long to get through the holes. That little tangent was so you would understand my shock, now back to what ever it was I was talking about!

Oh, right, walking. So Hailey asked me to go for a walk. I was going to a friends house that evening but I did not want to miss out on this once in a lifetime walk with my daughter.

We buckled Bubba in the stroller and headed off for some wonderful mother daughter bonding time. Two steps into the walk Hailey says "Yes!" and does a little fist pump. What the? She caught a Pokemon. Our lovely after dinner walk to talk and spend time together was actually a hunt for Pokemon.

We walked for two miles. The last time Hailey walked that far she was pregnant and trying to convince that baby to vacate her body.

Hailey went to the park Friday night to go to the Pokestop to get more Pokeballs ( does that sentence even make sense) and she said there were probably 200 people walking around, in the dark, looking at their phones. Sounds like the zombie apocalypse is closer than we think.

Saturday  morning, my daughter had a wonderful day planned for us. First we would take Bubba to the park and then we would go to the Farmer's Market.  Everyone  at the park was looking for Pokemon.

Fast forward to the Farmer's Market. There were couples, catching Pokemon together. Not teenage couples, mid twenties couples. Everyone walking around aimlessly looking at their phones.

On the bright side, you get eggs to hatch and you have to walk certain distances to get those eggs to hatch so people are getting out of the house and exercising.

On the down side, zombies, I still say they look like zombies.

I've been reading tweets about peoples legs hurting because they walked so far looking for Pokemon. Or they rode a bike for the first time in ten years, or went to church, to catch Pokemon. It would be funny if it wasn't such an indication of mass hysteria at it's best.

I downloaded the app. I have two Pokemon. I don't know what to do with them but if this is how the zombies get here, I want to be prepared!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Writing, or not

I've been thinking about this blog and writing in general a lot lately. Writing is what I love to do, it's what I want to do. Unfortunately I never do enough of it because there is always that fear of not being good enough.

I have several books that I've started. Started and abandoned, that's the story of my writing "career". I've been listening to podcasts and reading everything I can get my hands on about writing. I like to think it's because I want to improve and motivate myself to actually finish something. I'm afraid the reality is that reading is just another way to procrastinate.

I recently downloaded an ebook. It gives all the typical, just write, advice but it also gave me something else- permission to be less than great.

The biggest thing that stuck out from this ebook is that everything you write is not going to be Shakespeare, and that's OK, but that is what keeps people from writing.

 Most writers  get a couple pages, paragraphs or chapters in and the self doubt starts. Why am I doing this?I don't have anything to say that anyone wants to hear. All the good stuff has already been written. That happens to me even when I write this blog.

One of my dear online friends recently asked,"Where have all the personal blogs gone? The ones that talk about life?" So, I'm going to stick around. I'm going to try harder to get the words out of my head and onto paper, or in this case, my computer screen.

I had started to think that I was the only one who cared to see that little peek into other people's day to day, but maybe I'm not alone.  Maybe there are still people who want to share that tiny slice of life.

I think it's harder as our kids have grown, but I think we still have lots to share. So I'm going to make the effort. I'm also going to try harder to let those "lifestyle" bloggers know I appreciate them. I read a lot of blogs but really only comment on one or two. That's going to change.

Let's support each other in our life blogs and maybe the trend will turn from commercialized blog content to real life again.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Population explosion in our corner of the world

Our family is in a time of growth it seems. My sister's and I have all become grandmothers and are loving every minute of it. We have all three been blessed with grandsons, whom we adore.

 It's been a while since this family had a baby girl. Hailey was actually the last one. Until April when my niece Nia gave us a beautiful little girl to love. On the heels of that little sweetie's birth we found out we were getting more babies and more girls!

No, not Hailey, not this time. My sister in law is having a sweet girl in September, my nephew and his fiance found that instead of planning their October wedding they are planning for the arrival of their twins in November, and, lucky them, they are getting one of each! Also, Hailey's best friend since kindergarten is having her second boy in October.

Needless to say, my sewing machine and I are enjoying some quality time. So many babies, so little time. I don't want to give away the surprise of the things I'm currently making so here are some things that Hailey and I made for Nia's sweet baby girl.

This is the diaper cake Hailey made
And the afghan I made

Now I'm off to spend more time with my sewing machine!

Til next time,

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dressing for the symphony using what you have

The same day that Hailey's father so recklessly threw her out of a plane, he also took her to the symphony.

My girl lives in black skinny jeans and t-shirts so we needed to come up with an outfit. While going through her closet we came up with two choices, a long black skirt and a black skirt she made out of tulle and lace.

Neither one seemed right. And none of the geeky t-shirts she owns seemed fitting either.

Hailey decided to put the black skirt over the poufy skirt, see how it looked, and then ask her Dad to take her shopping for a shirt. As she was pulling the black skirt over her head, when it got to her bust line, I was inspired, I told her to stop, that the skirts looked cute layered like that.

She looked in the mirror, spun a little and said, "This makes me look chunky." Then she grabbed the sides of the black skirt and pulled them to middle saying "If we could just stick this here, it would be cute."

I grabbed my grandmother's brooch, pinned that skirt in the middle, she threw on a black tank top to give the illusion of straps, her grandmother's pearls and my girl was symphony ready.

As a side note, the symphony was actually an outdoor concert where everyone sat on blankets on the grass. My girl may have been a tad over dressed.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Roots and Wings

Hailey  with Kyle  and 3 others.
5 hrs
So I jumped out of a plane yesterday. It was amazing. Best birthday present ever, thank you dad!

That was my daughter's Facebook update on Sunday. I want to go on record saying that she gets her crazy from her father. 

I am the grounded parent, the logical one. Steady, stable, dependable, predictable. Those are all words that describe me. I am the parent who stays up until all hours of the night until I get a text saying she is home safe. I'm the parent who says you still need vegetables, even as an adult. Sometimes that translates to the boring parent. I'm OK with that. Most of the time.

Hailey's Dad is none of those things. I don't say that to bash him, just that those aren't his strengths. Steve is the parent in constant motion, jumping off things, out of things and scaling everything in sight. He is the parent who says "Go for it" when Hailey  says, I think it would be cool to- insert any dangerous thing that involves climbing too high, falling too far and going too fast.

When Hailey says- "Man, the world is full of crazy people."I say- "You're right, stay here where you are safe." While her father says, "Go, introduce yourself, remember, not all people are crazy and not all crazy is bad."

Sometimes I wanna wring his neck. Other times I'm grateful that he teaches our girl to fly. I've always heard that we have to give our kids roots and wings. I guess between the two of us, we manage to do that. I just wish he could do it a little closer to the ground. 

p.s. the pictures are terrible because I took them with my phone from the video playing on my computer. I'm not one of those fancy people who know how to get still pictures from a video playing on someone else's Facebook.

Til next time,